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Post  Michael_Donnely on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:50 am

Suggestion: A section of the people can organize under a project called "Daycupy", to continue hold gatherings, play music, and provide educational filming events and educational book circles at Vic Park At The Tank .

Daycupy choose to have events til 10pm, but not after. So it doesn't get ticketed for staying in the park after 10.

However, also, there is a rule: Daycupy does not tell people not to stay in park after 10. And it does not tell people not officially affiliated with Daycupy not to have events at park after 10.

All it does is not to have Daycupy educational events after 10 to avoid being ticketed.

In other words, Daycupy doesn't emphasize the NOT: it doesn't emphasize that "we are NOT staying in park after 10"

It should emphasize the DO: We DO want to make Vic Park events before 10 more lively and more education, and make these before 10 events as vibrant as possible until an indefinite time, open for all Londoners to participate.

Also, Daycupy morally supports NY Occupy and Londoners who choose to stay in the park after 10. "Morally supporting" means, without specifically encouraging, and definitely not discouraging, people's choice to stay after 10, Daycupy nonetheless compassionately defends all the democratic rights to assembly of all those involve and should be morally on the side of those who choose to stay after 10, and help them in all ways to express these democratic rights.

At 9:55 every night, Daycupy members who are about to leave park should announce that "Daycupy says goodbye to park and everybody around, stay warm and stay safe, best luck, and see you in the morning here at Vic Park at the Tank"


One more suggestion about "Daycupy" rules if it is to be form: Daycupy should in all circumstance voice against the police using force to remove people who remain after 10. By "opposing force", it includes the Orser proposal of ticketing after-10 campers.

It maintains that the Fontana-Duncan Oct25 statement preferring voluntary exit after 10, should be the best government approach, AND on the other hand, maintains that, this preferrence is nonetheless not Daycupy's own preferrence (because Daycupy has no business in telling people to "voluntarily leave park after 10")

What's more: Daycupy should VOICE against government choice of force or law enforcement against the After-10, but it does not itself oppose the government by force.


The following idea is a crazy fictional idea. But I'm just posting here for all our entertainment:

So, besides the Daycupation idea, there's also a project dedicated to organizing those who do continue soldering on after 10. And that is the Noccupation.

So, during the Daycupation hours, the park is a big bazaar lawfully used by its rightful users basically the local community of this city, to practice its democratic rights.

However during night time, those who soldiers on after the hours forms a tribe, that is the Tribe of Noc, hence "Noccupation".

The Tribe of Noc necessarily elects the War Chief. In fact, there are two things about the "War Chief":

* she or he has no business in telling how people run things during Daycupation hours. She or he doesn't run the "bazaar" during Daycupation

* She or he is not here to "make war". Quite the opposite if she/he has a role at all, it is to "avoid war".

So here is the War Chief's main function: if "hostility" comes which may put the Tribe of Noc in harm's way, she/he has the power to call the Tribe to pack up and move to the sanctuary, only to return to the Pastures when Hostility is out of sight.

Eventually, Hostility might give up making war with the Tribe. Because the Tribe merely wants to avoid war at all cost, while still live in its own pasture.

Learned this from the practices of nomadic nations in the past.


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