Not "Split", but keep up positive communication:

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Not "Split", but keep up positive communication:  Empty Not "Split", but keep up positive communication:

Post  Michael_Donnely on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:37 am

Some basic facts based on observation from camp:

* The occupiers have not split. For now, Victoria Park remains the main site of public demonstration of solidarity with OWS. However, it IS necessary for a part of the campers to take up the offer of St. Paul's Cathedral. It is a gesture of gratitude.

However, at this moment, the London Occupiers understand the difference in effectiveness between camping on public space vs. private space.

This is no evidence that the two locations of campers have rejected each other. In fact, the concept of religious institutions as sanctuaries is well understood in public demonstrations/assemblies in democratic societies around the world. Reserving the option of a safehaven is no indication of capitulating from demonstrating in public space. It may even be a strategic necessity. So, falling into the Media perception that London campers who are prepared on both hands, are at odds with each other, will be counter-productive.

In the case of an undemocratic eviction of campers from public space by the authorities, a peaceful re-occupation may have to be planned. At that stage, the existence of a centralized sanctuary on private ground may even play a central role. So, never underestimate the importance of planting your stake at St. Paul's.

And there is also no evidence that there is any group in control who is demanding that Vic Park campers should abandon public space occupation as a condition of accepting the good will of St. Paul's.

* Commentators on London Free Press have made it appear that Londoners are seeing campers as unorganized, self-serving, aimless, etc. Please keep in mind that this is not true. There is fundamental difference between Occupy, and sleeping on public or private properties as an individual act in usual times. There are higher ideals behind this collective act of civil disobedience. If this was done for the self, it would be completely meaningless. Must always keep in mind that this is a collective endeavors of a new-born community that will mean a lot for the future of our democracy. And that way, you will understand why people still steeped in a selfish, consumerist culture, still have such a hard time understanding you.

the mainstream media and us both live in the same reality. It is the paradigms that make a fundamental difference. Never doubt yourselves.


So, in conclusion, cooperations between the two locations are essential to future coordination. Choices should be respected, but shouldn't be seen as "camp splitting" at all. In order to ensure correct understanding of things by all, positive communications should be maintained constantly by liaisons on both sides. Coordination should also be maintained. And Vic Park should also see the strategic value in the other location in case a "re-occupation" is on the agenda in the future.


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