My petition to prominent public intellectuals

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My petition to prominent public intellectuals Empty My petition to prominent public intellectuals

Post  Michael_Donnely on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:34 am

My petition to prominent public intellectuals to whom Mayor Fontana and other councilors lend a listening ear:

Approach the Mayor and key decision makers that may decide whether or not to use force to evict Occupy London, or to take side in an ideological opposition against Occupy.

Let the decision makers know, through your dinner conversations or private chats, that the phenomenal experience of all those who participate in the new democratic experiment now in London ON, is going to benefit Canada's future greatly; that the local government's diplomacy and public relations decisions, in handling this, will affect London's future decisively.

Let them know, that citizens who are willing to brave rain, frost and other hazards to make a stance in solidarity with a global movement demanding financial accountability and popular empowerment over people's livelihoods, are forming a crucial forum of public discourses and is unprecedented, and historically inevitable.

Let them know, that Canada's future holds our local government accountable. It wants to be on the side of the people, at least not on the side directly opposed to the people.


My petition to the Mayor and key decision makers in the local government:

Tensions have flared up in some cities that are ideologically divided throughout the US and Canada over their own Occupy movements.

Some of these local governments have chosen to use force, apparently in response to lobby groups that are ideologically opposed to the demands of the Occupy movements.

Whether London's municipal government can avoid such confrontational outcome, will directly influence popular politics of our city in the future.

This also largely depends on whether London's mainstream media act responsibly in their efforts to direct public opinion. Throughout North America, there is no lack of example of mainstream media trying to desperately flare up tensions between ideological camps. Let London not be one of these cities.


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