The Four Stages Theory of Ecological Socioeconomic Development

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The Four Stages Theory of Ecological Socioeconomic Development  Empty The Four Stages Theory of Ecological Socioeconomic Development

Post  Michael_Donnely on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:00 am

The Occupy phenomenon in London amazes me.
For all these years being involved in so many community, grassroots projects or "ideas" circles, we couldn't get quite as close to 2) Phase Two as described below.

There are so many projects that focused on 1) Stage One and became so frustrated. But we've been looking hard for 2) Stage Two and boom, here it is right under our eyes!

This Project has Four Phases:

1) Technocratic and Conventional Market Stage (Main Drive: Market Enterprises)

2) Cultural Community, Eco-ethical Community, Intentional Community, Pluralistic Exchanges of Eco-ethical Theories Stage (Main Drive: Cultures, Theories, Social Movements, Community, Lifestyles)

These first two Stages have to go on simultaneously. If we allow the First Stage to come before the Second Stage, then it will result in the Second Stage bing permanently shut out, or "co-oped" into a ineffectual "decoration" subservient to the First Stage.

First Stage and Second Stage are initially, often mutually at odds with each other, to the point that Second Stage has to operate independent of First Stage. Second Stage needs to be vibrant in order to be the Spirit that will eventually populate the Form.

3) Social Media Influence Stage, "Evangelical" Stage, Large NGO Cooperation Stage, Quantitative Showcasing of Technocratic Solutions Stage, Qualitative Change of Capital Stage, Ideological Departure from Conventional Market Stage (Rapid synthesis between the First Stage "Enterprises" and the Second Stage "Socio-Community". And the mutual acceptance between the two fundamentally different cultures through a crucial "Institutional Launch")

4) Self-Sustained Economy Stage, Organic Eco-Economy Growth Stage, Social Enterprise Stage, Social Venture Stage (It is called "Social Enterprise", meaning that "Social" and "Enterprise" are no longer mutually exclusive cultures. This synthesis sustains itself and grows at its own pace)


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