Oct 25th 6pm GA Minutes

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Oct 25th 6pm GA Minutes Empty Oct 25th 6pm GA Minutes

Post  LauraRobinson on Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:39 am

Tues, Oct 25th – 6pm GA
-We will attempt to have one male and one female facilitator for every GA, on a rotational basis. This means we need more female volunteers for facilitation roles! Please step forward if interested!
-Proposal to limit noise after 11pm. Counter proposal to make the cut off 10pm. Compromise to try 10:30pm “noise off” time.
-Events committee to plan rallies, marches and at least one event per day (more as time goes by). Input from everyone to decide on events. Current ideas are yoga, music.
-Social media (facebook, twitter, forums) need to be increased and regulated. Remember to speak only on your own behalf when talking to the media.
-Media committee needs better electricity access. Cords may not cross the pedestrian pathway.
-Any intoxicated individuals will not be invited to join the camp. They will be respectfully asked to leave until they are sober, at which point they will be welcome. No public drinking will be permitted for campers as well as this is against the law.
-Disputes should be resolved with words. If verbal attacks persist, find a marshal or security member to assist you. Any disputes that turn physical will have the police called – we cannot interfere physically.
-Rob will be offering security training for marshals/night watchers.
-We need more tents!
-Jeanette has made us medic armbands, red with a black cross, to identify those trained in CPR/First aid.
-Medic tent will be set up when we get more tents. First aid kit will be kept at marshal station.
-Medical training will be offered on the weekend, times TBA

Thank you to all our notetakers! Sorry that these are not more detailed but I am exhausted and need some sleep before school.


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Oct 25th 6pm GA Minutes Empty thanks

Post  jmcnaugh on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:21 am

Thanks for posting the minutes Laura. It's really crucial!


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