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Updated Needs - As of Oct 25 Empty Updated Needs - As of Oct 25

Post  LauraRobinson on Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:05 am

Updated NEEDS list (urgent items *s, new items at top of list):
*Rain gear/tarps/ponchos
*Generator & fuel
Small locks
People with cars to transport goods
Big roll of plastic (6mm poly)
Hats/mitts/scarves/warm clothing
Blankets/sleeping bags
Flashlights & batteries
Solar panels
Extension cords
Portable radios/crank radios


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Updated Needs - As of Oct 25 Empty Tents available to Occupy London

Post  catchuplondon on Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:11 am

If you know of anyone needing the following items (for which I drove to Kitchener to pick up) please direct them to me. Yesterday alone, I spent $250 on needed items for Occupy London. I would like to be reimbursed to some degree.

One Woods 6 person 11 x 13 dome tent with mud room $40
One Tera Gear 4 person 9 x 7 dome tent $30

(I donated 2 camping stoves)

If you know of anyone who needs any of these things, please direct them to me at the Occupy site or email me at raffiwest@gmail.com or call me 519-859-7121

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