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Post  Xivanari on Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:43 am

Hey Folks.

I dont remember who exactly it was, but my green Bicycle and Trailer were borrowed on Monday so that food could be picked up. I didnt mind lending my trailer and bicycle at the time, however I have some serious issues with the way in which the courtesy of the use of my things was abused.

The bicycle seat has been mangled. A brand new seat, now punctured and the front ripped off. The keys which I gave out with the bicycle to ensure it was locked, came back to me missing keys. The bicycle was left unlocked, because the bicycle lock key was one of these. The bicycle wasnt returned by the same person who borrowed it, so how can I even know if it was the person I originally trusted who mistreated my property.

I would like to remind everyone, especially in consideration that the Library opens today, that when you use something that ISNT YOURS when someone lets you BORROW something, make sure it is returned to them in the condition they first lent it in. To do otherwise is DISRESPECTFUL.


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