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Oct 24th 6pm GA Minutes  Empty Oct 24th 6pm GA Minutes

Post  LauraRobinson on Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:04 pm

Here are the minutes from the second GA on Monday, October 24th.

Police liaison committee will be bringing in paperwork regarding all events with police

Police liaison committee will now be melded with the Marshalling committee

Media committee has moved tents to main northwest entrance of the park, along with logistics tent, to give access to electricity. This will double as a marshalling station which allows marshals to have full view of the encampment for security reasons. An information/community connection booth will be set up at this location also, for volunteers who are interested in speaking with people to connect with the passerby.

Logistics committee will work to organize all donations into the appropriate tents; new tents and tarps have been donated and sorting of supplies is ongoing.

The logistics team needs small locks to secure the tents containing donations.

A whiteboard will be made available for everyone to write down agenda items for the GAs. If you support an item that is already on the list, and want to stress it’s importance to you, please make a check mark, star, exclamation point, etc. beside the item, but please respect the space and leave room for others.

Suggestion to use hay to absorb excess water and avoid too much mud. Contact with the parks and recreation board of the city will be pursued to ensure we follow regulations. A team of volunteers will likely be needed to change the hay daily so that it doesn’t rot. This issue will be discussed by logistics.

Banner needs to have holes put in it to stop the wind from catching it like a sail, and it needs to be re-hung securely (because it blew down last night).

Decision to post event schedules and minutes online – note takers will record these things whenever possible and hand off to someone willing to type them up at the end of the day.

“Needs” list has been updated and will be posted online daily.

There is a “Zen Den” in the large tent where everyone is free to go for quiet, confidential conversation. This is a safe space that is open to anyone to discuss anything on their minds.

The food and common area are NO SMOKING areas out of respect for other occupiers. Please also remember to use butt cans. Smoking, alcohol, etc. may be used privately in your tents, but not in the common areas. Please respect the camp like a community; your tent is your private home but respect your neighbours Smile

All meetings of committees are to be announced via a “Mic Check” to invite everyone interested.

Ciara’s sister has graciously offered to allow people to shower and do laundry at her nearby home. She is offering these services out of support for the movement, but would appreciate a small donation towards hydro bills if you are able.

Outreach committee and Media committee will be amalgamated until we have enough individuals to run two separate committees for these issues.

That is all I have, thank you very much to our notetakers!!!

Tuesday, October 25th Schedule
*Please note that these are estimated times and plans may change

Events committee meeting in the morning
GA starting sometime between 12noon and 1pm
committee meetings starting around 2:30pm and ongoing until approximately 5pm (staggered so that people on multiple committees can attend all meetings)
Second GA starting sometime between 5pm and 6pm
All-committee meeting to discuss structure and job assignment in the evening, probably after dinner

Hope this helps anyone who couldn't make it. If you have any suggestions on how to improve how these are recorded, please let us know.

Much love,


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