How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands!

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How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands! Empty Regarding Tomasz Winnicki

Post  RedCoat on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:13 am

Please, please, PLEASE members of the Occupy London group;

Recognize that Winnicki is Nazi scum who advocates the genocide of non-whites and has been arrested bringing weapons to a rally outside of the prison where notorious holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel was being held.

Do not sabotage your movement by paying any respect to this individual, it will ruin any positive PR you've built up, and will only serve to legitimize the rantings of a white-supremacist nutjob.

Thank you for your time.


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How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands! Empty Re: How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands!

Post  Tomasz Winnicki on Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:40 pm

One adage goes "The devil is in the details.", another is "There is no such thing as a free lunch."
I like the idea of an alternative usury free currency but how would this system really work? Can you explain down to the smallest detail? Could you provide a full cycle real world scenario of this system in action?
Who has the authority to create this currency (wristbands)? When is the currency created? Can anybody create as much of the most valuable white wristband as they like, perhaps without even producing any valuable good or service? What if the cost of the production of the least valuable green wristband actually exceeds that of the most valuable white wristband? What would one, say green, wristband be equal to in value in terms or real goods or services? One green wristband = 1 average size apple or 15 minutes or manual labour or something else??? Consider this, the units for speed can be km/h or m/s. Move your hand from one point to another point about a meter away in about a second and you have a real solid understanding of the concept of speed of 1m/s. So what what units are money or your wristband currency specifically? I'm throwing a lot of questions here to make people think. The concept of money is actually quite complex, with all the complex human interactions and all that. The usurer banker thieves already have several thousand years of scheming behind them that brought their corrupt usury system to near 'perfection' (as far as enslaving the populace goes) and here we are trying to conjure something new.

For better or worse, at this time for worse actually, this current usury system we live under for the large part works. People go to work, get paid, go to their local bank, cash or deposit their cheques, go shopping (carry out exchanges) and pay cash or debit, go home, rest, etc., etc... If a new alternative monetary system is to be introduced that is usury free and fair to the people, it has to be at the very least convenient and easy to use, but some of the major questions such as who has the power to create currency, at what time should it be created and put into circulation, what the currency unit is equivalent to in terms of real goods or services... remain. Read what genius inventor Thomas Edison said here regarding the corrupt usury banking system: If a genius like Edison couldn't invent a fair monetary system, who can? I have some ideas... have to go now.

Tomasz Winnicki

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How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands! Empty How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands!

Post  Michael_Donnely on Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:41 pm

How To Barter Food and Necessities?

‎* the Occupy people needs an alternative currency called the "Occupy The Dollar", which helps them barter without using the real dollar

The "occupy the dollar" will not initially take the form of printed paper bills. It will take the form of special wristbands with uniform design (for example, with "occupy the dollar" imprinted on it, with uniform width and thickness)

The colours of the "occupy the dollar" will be of four different colours representing the pluralistic viewpoints of participants.

1) Green (label printed: "Occupy The Dollar: Progress+Justice+Peace")
2) Red "Occupy The Dollar: Solidarity+Equality"
3) Black "Occupy The Dollar: Activism"
4) White --"Occupy The Dollar: Clean Conscience"

Green is lowest value and is most abundant, followed by Red, followed by Black, and finally followed by White

Equitably distributed as a "foodstamp" to assure wristband holders' subsistance (food, daily necessities). So basically, encourage sharing: should ensure your immediate neighbors (not just companions) have enough wristbands to barter/buy enough substance. If your neighbor is out of wristbands, ensure that you share wristband values, or share daily necessities.

Secondly, award creativity with wristbands: Artists may get them as appreciation.

Thirdly, donate to charitable causes using wristbands.

Maker of the wristband teams up with volunteer groups providing necessities, food. So much wristbands will end up in the hands of volunteer groups. Be creative with large wristband reserves.

All participants can reject wristband on the basis of irregular design. They have right to demand design to be exact width, colours matching the four aforementioned colours, and letters printed on top, and not to be defaced by permanent damages.

(Please feel free the copy and repost the "Occupy the Dollar" idea)

I have been thinking, apart from the occupation of (the original) public place, any other activity of "occupy", is necessarily merely symbolic, or figurative. Especially the spaces that you cannot plausibly, physically, "occupy".

Thus, the relevance of this activity, is also necessarily dependent on interpretation.

So, being a pluralist, i am of the opinion that all the borrowings and appropriation of symbolisms/language of a "serious" movement by the pop culture, when irrelevant, is perhaps the least harmful. Perhaps just speaking as an optimistic pluralist, not hoping to speak for others, who may have good arguments against.


This said, I'd say, conventional wisdom would first conjure the scenario, upon hearing the catchphrase "Occupy the Dollar", that one should "culturejam" a legal tender.

Frankly that was my original thought. But I also realized that it is fairly cliche. The Adbuster probably has beaten the horse beyond dead.

But, the idea of an alternative currency, in this "occupy" context, is actually not my idea. But I won't mention my friend's name just yet. I did appropriate his idea with his approval. And imaginably, the phrase "occupy the dollar", has perhaps popped up more than a few occasions with wide range of scenarios imaginable associated with it. Some of them are far from practical.

The idea of wristbands/bracelets though, I do claim some degree of originality. Because I do think that the conventional paper bill does have some negative trappings to it. I'd probably loath to use a knockoff Canadian Tire money as an "alternative".

Movements for changes, more highly value items like bracelets, pin-back buttons.

Objects of value, such as the wampum, were original tools to aide bartering. For tens of thousands of years they were used in good faith, without the sinister usury and servitude behind today's fiat money.

I don't want to do away with trading. But I want to do away with the faceless manipulators of value behind trading. I want to return true trust and charity to an act that our livelihood and social interactions depend upon.

Returning such good faith back to honest trade, is itself an act of "Occupying".

Not to mention that our dollar bills, coins and ATM machines are full of e-coli.

I've drawn a little diagram showing wristbands stringing up wristbands of a different colour.

On it, I have 5 Greens strung up by 1 Red.

Two Reds strung up by 1 Black.

Two Blacks strung up by 1 White.

So the interpretation is:

1Red= 5Green

The reason why I didn't have 5Red by 1Black or 5Black by 1White is because I don't want it to be too exponential. It'd be quite crazy that 1White=125Green

But this is just conventional wisdom


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How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands! Empty Re: How To Barter Food and Necessities? Use coloured wristbands!

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